Help me craft the perfect coaching program!
I'm so excited to announce that I will be offering brand new coaching packages in 2018 and I need your direct feedback to make sure I'm creating what you want and what you need. ALL answers are anonymous, and there is no obligation to join my coaching programs. This is purely for info and data. It shouldn't take more than 2 minutes.
What do you struggle with the most (that you need help with)?

What is your #1 health goal for 2018?

Have you ever worked with a trainer/coach to help you exercise and be active?

If yes, how much did you invest in coaching?

If no, how much are you willing to invest in one on one coaching/month?

PS: There is no obligation to join my coaching programs, this is purely for info and data.
Which of the following do you think you need, to help you solve your #1 problem

What things would you MOST want an online trainer/coach to provide, if you were to work with one

What else would you LOVE to have included if I created a one on one coaching service. What am I missing? :)

What are your must haves? What things frustrates you about the current health industry that you wish a coach provided. Be as specific as possible so that I can be 100% clear on what you want!
what is the number one reason holding you back from working with a coach?

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